Because I love You

Fri, 10/13/2017 - 14:21 -- mmdw4

Because I Love You

By Malori Wallace


Don’t worry, I’ve got this,

Drive home safe,

Give me a kiss,

Because I love you.


Take the day off,

Lean on my shoulder,

Take medicine for your cough,

Because I love you.


But I do more than just care for you,

I listen to how you feel, too.


I’ll listen to every word you say,

I’ll tell you the truth,

I’ll ask about your day,

Because I love you.


When we fight I will never yell,

I’ll try my best to understand,

I will never put you through hell,

Because I love you.


But there is more I do than listen to you,

I will always be loyal, too.


I will never lay a hand on your head,

I will not walk out on you,

You are the only one who will be in our bed,

Because I love you.


I will tuck you in when you fall asleep,

I will protect you when you are in danger,

I will only make promises I know I can keep,

Because I love you.


Compassionate, understanding and committed I will be,

Because I love you.

Because I love you.

Because I love you.


So compassionate, understanding and committed I will always be.






I love the ending, the use of the italics emphasize your meaning, good competition!

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