"Because I Love You"

  In the halls id see you and those beautiful blue eyes.

Who knew my love for you would rise, little did I know you were the

definition of controlling and depression in disguise.

 Without knowing the truth I fell hard and fast, I wish I would have

known that this love wouldnt last. 

From the moment you asked me to be your girl, I thoutght why not give it a whirl.

As the time went on we had some fun till all I wanted to do was run.

You made me feel as if you loved me but when you shoved me up against the

wall thats when I felt nothing at all,I wanted to cry but my eyes stayed dry.

I thougth to myself maybe next time hell try 

to be kind, but all that went on in his mind was not love but lust and thats when

I began to lose trust, he always said he loved me but when we went out, there

was no doubt that he had other intentions not to mention he asked me to do

things I didnt want but I did them because I thought that that was love and now

those things come back to haunt me. Soon he wouldnt give me a kiss and thats

something I would miss, then he wouldnt hold my hand but he would demand

me to get on the bed and I would have much rather been dead. Later on I read

a message he sent to a girl that made me wanna hurl. The text read "I love you"

I almost lost my head, I felt so much dread. The "I love you`s" changed to

"I hate you`s" We then broke up, and it felt as if i finally woke up from nightmare.

I felt aware of everything around me, as if I wasnt being controled by a string

any longer. Thats my story of how I became stronger. 

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