Because I love you.

I love you, three simle but powerful words. The lasting powerful, deep effect those 

words have. You see, In healthy relationships, you don't question if he or

she is cheating or lying or secretly manipulating you and 

brainwashing you to make you think you aren't worth it or your less of a 

person because they told you you were and their always right! Right?

Wrong, saying the words "because I love you" means they put the relationship

above everything else. You are their prority. They'll stay loyal to you. They'll

make you laugh so hard you cry and your stomach cramps up. They'll open

doors and give you their coat. They won't put you in danger, they'll keep you safe 

and won't ever think of laying a hand on you. They'll be honest and trustworthy.

Heck, they'll even ask for consent. They want you and your health to be a priority 

and they'll care for you endlessly. Because they love you.


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