Because I Love You

Because I Love You


Because I love you, take my hand,

whenever you feel cold,

And feel the warmth that I have for you,

A fire bright and old.

Because I love you, please don’t stop.
If you should cry, or hate, or more,

Then I would stay and lay astray,

For you forevermore.

Because I love you, I would walk,
Across jagged stones, with broken bones,
If it meant that I could hear you talk
In your honeysuckle tones.

Because I love you, I need your smile,

Whether it be with me or not.

For it is your joy that I’ve lived and thrived,

And for your happiness I’ve fought.


Because I love you, your mind is art,

And more than just a brain.

It is your breathing, beating heart,

And beauty from life’s pain.


Because I love your spirit,

Bright, and bold, and free,

I’ll love you for your gentle mind,

Even if you’re not with me.


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