Because I love you

I love the way you smile, showing all of your teeth.

The way you laugh, brings joy to me.

Hearing your voice is like music to my ears,

And baby I want us to last for years.

A relationship is about love, compassion and trust.

But most important of all, it is all about us.

Not the world, or your mom, or my friends,

But about you and me baby, to the end.

Communication is key, 

For a better you and me.

We need to talk in order to work things out, 

But do't worry baby, we will figure it out.

We have to both be honest in order for this to work, 

And if not, it will only leave us hurt.

The best of friends, we need to be,

For a better future for you and me.

Protect eachother like siblings,

Love eachother like husband and wife,

And baby, you are the only thing I need in my life.

Because I love you. 

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