Because I Love You

Because I love you


My father left when I was six years of age,

Therefore, I didn't have a male role model to expose me to what is a manly figure.

I didn’t know how to feel; So I crowded my heart with rage.

Did you think about the damage? I hoped that was something he considered.


Eleven years later, I am bitter, but I mainly seek for the reasons.

I seek a relationship that contains a strong bond.

I sway my emotions back and forth, while my mind alternate like seasons.

Healthy relationships overcome problems, all else and beyond.


When I say I love you, that means you have more than just my attention, you have my trust.

I desire a sturdy bond that would rather lose an argument then the relationship.

And I know you won’t allow what we have die out and rust.

Best for worst, you both will hold on with a tight grip.


This includes treating each other with great delicacy.

Relationships should be full of care.

As well as love overflowing with affectionately.

“I Love You” to me means, you adore your significant other more than air.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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