Because I Love You

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 22:06 -- SMH

My darling,

I know you're scared

of this love in which we’re falling.


“I love you” used to be a curse

shackling you to another

a way of taking over your life.

But please believe me when I tell you that

because I love you, I will never control you.


I love you with all I am

and I want to spend my life with you.

But that choice is not only mine to make.

For as much as I choose you,

you must choose me too.


I will never ask you to give up your dream,

all I want is to see your smile beam.

I will never ask you to turn from your life,

even if one day I become your wife.


However I will ask you this,

in an effort to make our relationship bliss.

Talk to me,

trust me,

let me help you how I can.  

I may not be perfect,

But I hope that you will love me for who I am.


Let me laugh by your side

and hold you when you cry.

We may stumble and fall,

but I know that together we can conquer all.


Never let my loving you turn into control,

for if it does

our relationship will lose its soul.


Despite what you may have been made to believe,

because I love you,

I will fight for you to be free.


This talk,

this trust,

this lack of control

May seem too good to be true

but I assure you it is,

For one simple reason.

Because I love you.

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