Because I Love You

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For all my life I was taught 

Love was something that should not be sought


To be pathetically vying for attention 

Begging desperately for affection 


Who can fix the broken hearted

Save the damned and long departed


Lust has tainted this hallowed ground

When did love become so spellbound 


You are desired but intangible

But that is precisely why your valuable 


Because I love you  

I believed in your vague promises 

And I admired you for your dominance 

My heart fluctuated for you with incompetence 


Because I love you

I let you watch me wilt

To claim you had deflowered and bared no ill will 

you’ve tore down the walled that I have built 


Because I love you

To let cupid’s arrows blot out the sun

For the grandest walls can always be outdone

To be fractured, sedimented, and forgotten


Because I love you 

Star-crossed lovers were destined for doom 

A heart is as inconsistent as the waning moon 


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