Because I Love You


I see myself in you.


Skin to skin.

Your soft, gentle hands roaming my body

As I feel myself become alive within.


Days past without your presence.

My mind becomes foggy with you always in it.

Longing the day when I can admire your essence

And be the one who is brave enough to admit.


Brave enough to admit my love for you.

As if sunshine has come to rid of the darkness.

You are my light taking me out of the blue.

I will always be there for you nonetheless.


“What are the flowers for?

I wish I would’ve gotten you something more.”


The flowers are for you.

I got them because I love you.


I heard you were ill

So, I brought you some Advil.


I know it’s been hard to make-do

But it’s okay because I love you.


Do not stress darling, it is not good for you.

I only keep saying this because I love you.


Put on your seatbelt.

Tell me when you get home.

Be sure to wear an extra shirt,

It sure is cold.


Did you eat this morning?

I’ll be sure to bring you food.

I only sound concerning

Because I love you.


It is raining, bring an umbrella,

I know the cold makes you shiver.

You are my Cinderella,

I’ll make sure to be your caregiver.


Why do I do this you ask?

Is it really true?

I would go through any task

Because I love you.




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