Because I Love You

Because i love you 

I give up my time with my friends to be with you.

So why treat me like I'm nothing?


Because I love you

I make more time for you then i give my own education


I don't think you see why I do the things I do


I make you my life, my everything, my first priority... so why take me for granted?

Why keep me when you and I both know that

there is someone out there is more than capable of loving me


I wake up every morning with a heartache when i think about you...

because it kills me to know that i love you too much to let you go

I put on this face like i am satisfied with life...but on the inside i feel down and pitiful


Because I love you

I put myself through hell to look good for you and yet you don't even notice me


I think about all the wonderful times we had together before you changed

into the person that i don't even recognize.


But do you know why i stay with you?

Because no one will ever be able to the way that i treat you with respect,

and give you all the love you want and need

But your just ungrateful


And I'm to the point where i am just sick of living with the pain of being with you

So I set you free...Becasue I Love You.

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