Because I Love You

"Because I Love You"

Was Her reason, Her cloak

"We're surviving, not broke.

Be grateful." No hope

For those too young to know

That Love is a rope,

To help or to hang.

Tied to Her, sharing each pain,

The meaning of Love ingrained

Like the tattoos He wears,

That They both once shared.

Now They only share me,

Neither wanting to see

Her eyes,and Her stance

Mixed with His nose,

and His hands.


"Because I Love You",

He says to His prodigy.

Christmas,new toys,Disney

is how He shows His Love to me.

Eighteen years of flight,

Me towards Him,

Him away from me,

Jealousy from me

Towards a New Her.

Another lesson learned,

That this version of Love

Is all that I deserve.


Twenty Five years,

Three therapists,

Two jobs later...

Living alone feels much


No Them, just me.

All the weeping

From one source,

A sad young woman,

A shell of remorse.

No intention to continue

To Twenty Six,

Awaiting the train

To cross the River Styx.

A summer eve in June,

My departure arranged.

You sat by my side,

My meaning of Love

Had changed.


Some time close to now,

It still seems strange how

One person, just You

Can make the night more blue,

Make the rain feel warm,

Pull the stars to My grasp.

Just You, no one else

Stands up to the task.

No ropes hold me now,

Only bindings of trust.

No Her, No Him, No Them

Just Us.


A house,some cats,

A future now near.

My dreams, My fears...

All of Me, You hold dear.


"Because I Love You."

You say.

I have no doubts, it's true.

Needless to say,

"I Love You, too."

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My family


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