Because I Love You

The first date I knew I would love you
You asked me questions about my plans for college
You were careful not to push too far
You asked if I wanted extra butter for my popcorn
I was hesitant to share things about my family, but that was okay
You showed me pictures of your dogs
You told me stories about your own family
I was nervous, but comfortable at the same time
You were unlike any other guy I had dated
You really wanted to know me
I knew I would fall in love with you
Today, I love you
Because I love you, I know that you love cottage cheese
Because I love you, our arguments are never more than disagreements we can talk through
Because I love you, we agree to disagree
Because I love you, I value your opinion
I trust your judgement, but I also trust my own
Because you love me, you never think I've had enough to eat
Because I trust you, I know I can tell you anything
Because you love me, you hold my hand when I cry
Because you love me, you put the blankets through the dryer when I'm cold
Because I love you, I ask about your day
You tell me stories that don't really make sense if you weren't actually there, but I listen
Because I love you
We see each other once a week so we can focus on school, and that's okay
I cherish the days I get to be with you
We never run out of things to talk about
You know things about me
You know that my parents are divorced
You know my dad isn't in my life anymore
You know the struggles I have faced throughout the years
You know that I am fighting depression and anxiety
You understand that sometimes I need to be left alone
Because of these things, I love you
You know that I haven't been with the best people
You know that I still flinch when someone moves their arm too fast in my direction
You respect that no means no
Because you love me
And if you ever decide that you want to leave, I will let you go
Because I love you


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