Because I love you

Because I love you, I hold your hand

and you hold mine to help me stand. 

When I'm scared, when you're sad,

to make me calm, to make you glad.


Because you love me, you're there for me,

whenever you're around I truly feel free. 

You've helped me grow, you've helped me sew, 

this beautiful life that I now know. 


Parce que je t'aime, j'ai tellement appris.

Tu es gentille, comme la nuit, 

et chaleureuse, comme le soleil. 

Autour de toi, je ne suis jamais deuil. 


Parce que tu m'aimes, tu es tres sympa,

et avec toi, je ne me trompe jamais.

Because I love you, I hope you feel safe,

I truly do miss you, I miss you so much.


Thanks for being my very best friend,

who is always beside me in the end. 

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