Because I Love You

You always told me you did these things

Because you loved me.

But I'm not so sure about that anymore

Cause, you see, I've moved on with my life,

And when I look back I still see you stuck in the mud.

You used to look through my phone,

Because you didn't trust me.

My new girlfriend just talks to me,

Face to face and heart to heart.

You used to tell me I wasn't allowed to like girls

Because you were a guy and there is no way bisexuality exists.

My new girlfriend doesn't care about being a Gold-Star lesbian

She loves me no matter who is in my past.

She will run up behind me and twirl me around for no reason

Because she loves me.

She argues with me at night and then gives me a hug at the end

Because she wants me to remember she still cares.

She lays in bed with me when I'm sick even though she will catch my cold

Because she wants me to be warm.

My new girlfriend is so much sweeter than you ever were

Because she understands how to love me right.

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