Because I Love You

I love you

But do you love me?

You said this is what relationships do

Expect me to buy you things, as a fee?

You take my phone

Do you trust me?

You want a no need to payback loan

You're mad when I talk, so why are you mad when I leave you be?

You manipulate me, and I really hate it

How come you look through my phone, and it's never vice versa?

You wanna be bought jewels, but you leave me jaded

This new generation "love', is something unheard of

A relationship like this isn't ideal nor okay

I'd have to end this relationship without delay

You love me, and I'll love you more

I'll take care of you, like it's my chore

Tell me about your day, and I will not bore

Just respect me and a long relationship we'll have in store


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