Because I Love You

The day that I met you,

We were stuck like hot glue.

Because you were all I could cling to

When everything inside me felt dark blue.


The way you wanted me,

I always strived to achieve. 

And when you took a knee,

you said I was everything you'd ever hoped I'd be.


But your aura always had a red hue;

That should have been my first clue. 

"Don't talk to those few,

Because I love you." 


It's truly painful to finally see

I could never believe,

That the person right beside me

Was colder than the Arctic Sea.


A fresh perspective guided me to someone new.

Someone who,

Unlike you,

Knew what it meant to say, "Because I love you."


He provides comfort and serenity

In a life where happiness used to feel so out of reach.

I once became who you wanted to see,

But now he exuberantly accepts the real me.


He says we're too good to be true,

And nothing I say is ever misconstrued.

I ask him, "Why do you stay, Honeydew?"

He replies, "Because I love you." 

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