Because I love you

Because I love you, I will listen to you as you do to me.

Because I love you, I will kiss you goodnight and kiss you good morning.

Because I love you, I will cherish every second we spend together.

Because I love you, I will grant you space if you ask me to.

Because I love you, I will continue to protect you.


Communication is key the cliche that is overused,

But just hearing about your day keeps me super amused.

And you know how glad i am to hear you care,

So I wouldn’t mind my day to share.


Come down the sun i kiss you away to your slumber,

So you may rest well as the sky sets to a burnt umber.

Come up the sun you open your eyes and I kiss your sleepiness,

As long as you're close to me I feel less heaviness .


The minute i see you i cannot explain,

The feeling I'm unable to maintain.

The second I see you,

And the second i'm close to you.

I want to make it last forever.


Everyday is a blessing if spent with you,

I do not wish to bid you adieu.

But if you may ask for space,

Although I might make a sad face.

I promise it will be granted to you.


Although you get annoyed,

When i tell you to avoid,

Getting scrapes and bruises.

I will continue to worry,

No matter in what hurry.

It is you who i will always protect.


I wrote all of this, to earn me a kiss but mostly because I love you.



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