Because I Love You.


I gave you my body. I gave you my soul, I gave you my all.

I gave you everything you asked for all because I loved you.

Your cold hands trailed down my body and your eyes were laid across mine.

For this is what love is, it's a warm safe feeling inside.

You looked past my imperfections, my flaws and my scars because you loved me.

You took me out to dinner and paid for the tab.

You treated me like the woman that I was meant to be. 

Your cold hands held me tight and your lips would press against mine.

Our relationship was Heaven on Earth in the beginning until it turned

I looked past all your filthy lies. 

I ignored it all, thinking you only lied to just keep me safe inside.

Your words pierced my heart like a razorblade yet I still smiled on the outside.

Our heaven soon crumbled I went through hell all because I loved you. 

Your hands would slam across my cheeks, I thought the stinging pain was just harsh love.

My heart would ache for your kind gentle love, the danger of loving you could kill me. 

Love is supposed to be endless, it's supposed to last forever even if you get a little damaged.

Soon, I wouldn't find your body laying next to mine. 

I left you because I loved you. 

I ended up finding another who treated me way better. 

His words were never lies, his hands were ever so warm. 

He held onto me tight and told me he loved me even when times were tough. 

He went through hell with me because he loved me. 

He trusted me and I trusted him too. 

For his love never died and neither did mine.

Because I love you, you will be forever mine.


This poem is about: 
My family


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