Because I love You

Because I love you

I will be your comfort

I will be all ears and all heart

You can hold my hand while you cry

Or hug me tight if you need to

Whatever you choose, I’m here


Because I love you

You can trust my sentiments

I might not know the right words that heal

However, I will show compassion

I will care and embrace positivity


Because I love you, I will be your diary

You can speak to me and let the hurt go

You can trace back your past and tell me what went wrong

If what you need is my company, I promise I won’t let you feel a moment of solitary

We’ll go hand in hand through your troubles and mine, since we are ultimately one


Because I love you, I’ll be your bodyguard

I won’t let a thing hurt you

I will be your protection

I will keep you sane

You can forget about your worries


Because I love you, I get creative

I write stories, poems, and songs about you

You are my thoughts in paper

You are the escapism of my own sorrow and conflicts in life


Because I love you and you love me, I’m sitting here writing this

and it’s so easy for me to express why I love you and why being here for you is healthy.

Especially with your fight with depression; with your fight with mental health.

I’m here in this relationship to show you, you are not alone. 


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