"Because I Love You"

On those sunny days,my smile widens when I think about you 

My cheeks get tired of laughing when I am around you 

You could scream "Boo!" and I'd act like a fool

who's been scared half to death 

I'd be devastated if you left

and I'd never want to lose what we have 

because to me there's close to nothing bad

When I wake up to your smiling face 

all my fears,worries,and failures go away;it's like mace

but if there's something wrong, when our days are long

I know it will all be fine after we talk and dine 

You lift me up; kind of like you putting back our cups

even though I hate drying the dishes, I'd do it to fulfill all your wishes 

because I love you right now,tomorrow, and forever I'd never deny you our kisses

And on the days when it's cold out there and life's almost too tough to bear

we get together like copy and paste

because time together is too precious to waste 

and I'll be the brace to your face

as long as you remain the apple to my pie

and pinky promise you'll never lie

because trust is all we got

and I just want to say I love you alot

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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