Because I love me

 After the honeymoon stage the I love you’s turned into because I love you He used to say you are my life Now he says you’ll never leave my side as long as I’m aliveYou by my side and vice versa He says I am all you need Delete everything I am not being aggressive I am being protective Because I love you  No more social media Just lost communication from me to ya And yea I lie to you Because I love you  Do you think you could lose a little weight?I wouldn’t want you to go out and be embarrassed Your appearance is getting a little careless Wipe those tears nobody is hurting youI am telling you this because I love you  Stay here with me your family is always home And don’t forget your dirty laundry stays in this home And I swear if you say a word Paint won’t be the only thing smeared across these four walls This is not abuse just mini brawls I am this way because I love you  This Is Your Fault You have made me this way It wouldn’t be this way if we loved each other just the same It’s like you want me to be like this You hide your text and even do things Wow, with out me ?  Yes without you I have had enoughI have grown strong enoughI am leaving, and yes without you Oh honey don’t worry it’s not because I love you It’s because I love me She said  She looked in the mirror and shouted to the top of her lungs This is because I love you I am all I need Don’t delete a thing Girl he taught you a lesson Protect your heart and receive your blessing You are worth more than you know You are beautiful from head to toe You don’t need likes to tell you soAnd remember curves look good on you, don’t let him hurt you  I am telling you this because I love you  Because I love you Because I love you Because I love me  Because I love me I will no longer tolerate those things No more liesBrawlsInvasion Isolation Mental Manipulation I promise me that because I love me Well because I love you

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My family
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