Because I Found You, My Muse

I have found you

My soulmate, my twin flame

Without you, my light, my hope will be gone

And I’ll be left into the darkest corridors of life

Your continuous jokes that always draws me near

Your life, dreams, your everything I always find myself wanting to hear

It’s a book I never want to put down


Our moments of peace and discord intertwining

I still come to love, to keep reminiscing

Since that's when the solutions appear, and pleasant ideas

That reminds me of why I found you my dear


We don't want “perfection”,

We want our own perfection by our own standards

Not some happily ever after

We want a challenge that tests our loves binds

To prove our loves limits and reach

Only then will we finally know its true


If we can recovery from a bout of harsh words

A misunderstanding, a few shed tears

We can get through anything

Through mutual respect, we can stay together forever

Side-by-side, hands intertwined as well as our souls by fates lining


I’ll do my best to protect you my love

Cause we’ll always be together

I’m here to preserve that light in your eyes

Your hopes, your dreams, I keep

With my own within my heart and soul

I’ll befriend and help fend off your inner demons

Yet you wonder why I do

It’s because I finally found you, my muse


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