Because I Am A Woman

Just because I am a woman

does not mean I will not fight.


The inside of my thighs are curved

and speckled with little tiger marks.

They are mountains seen from above,

they are the nature within me.


I like to show a little bit of skin,

to show my femininity

but do not be mistaken:

I can throw a mean punch

if you choose to take advantage.


I have secrets folded between layers of mascara

and my soft eyelashes.

They come out in whispers

during butterfly kisses.


I breathe in fire, not air,

and my presence draws attention.

I am powerful

like the dragon I used to be.


I will not accept your slut-shaming words

nor will I allow you to

tell me I am not beautiful.


I am a woman.

I am beautiful,

and strong,

and brave.

But most of all:

I like to show off my opinion,

I like to fight.


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