Because I am female

Men question where are my heels or leather purse.

How I have model physic but choose to wear camo and vanilla tees.

But when I make my point,

They think I’m crazy.

I say,

It’s the uniform that I am beautiful in,

No dress needed, just my boots and my tin.

The echo of my platoon sounding back,

Dare I will be ashamed of being proud of that.

Because I’m a female,

Confidence spreading far as can be.

Because I’m a female,

When you hear the sound of my march, you know that’s me.

Now I am no longer held back,

By the superstition or stereotyping peers.

And to a man,

He is now forced to hear,

A woman in authority making her point clear.

She is me and I am her,

Together holding the hand of ancestors and rising females up,

Because I am female.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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