Because God Made Me

Wed, 02/04/2015 - 22:41 -- albetz1


Countless times, life gets me down,

Far from flawless, I keep my frown.

But times start to take a turn,

And people started to be a little stern.

I am flawless in my own way,

Perfect to someone every day.

God made those dark brown eyes,

And long brown hair.

On a face so gentle,

  I wear my freckles.

A natural beauty, no way it was accidental.

No matter how I feel,

I always wear my smile so real.

Although I am tall and skinny I have a big fat heart,

Just look deeper than the outside part.

So kind and caring,

My strength is worth sharing.

Determined to make your day,

To put you first, I am willing to go out of my way.

I may not be flawless to everyone,

But I am for the right someone.

Because God made me this way,

I am flawless.


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