Tue, 11/07/2017 - 12:55 -- dorschi

I travel down a narrow path,

Weathered and worn.


My back facing my demons,

While wandering alone.


My scars stretch out past my sleeves,

Pointing to my heart that’s torn.


My face, cold and flawed,

Show streaks of tears etched in stone.


The forest grabs me,

Its wind telling me to fall.


The darkness envelopes my cries,

I can begin to hear its call.


I prepare for it’s cold embrace,

When suddenly it begins to stop.   


I feel your grip hold my own,

Your smile shining in the dark.


Your strength pulls me up,

But why would you ever swap?


I ask you why come to my path,

Why would you ever embark?


The answer comes with peace,

An answer I’d give to you too.


“I travel with you on the narrow path,

Because…I love you.”

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