Not because you're unbearably funny 

But because your jokes are so cringe worthy that they're ridiculously endearing 

And because of the way your mouth pulls itself into a smirk

Right before you say something only a dad could laugh at 


Not because you come see me after your twelve-hour shift is over 

But because you keep a blanket in your truck 

Because you know I'll be cold when you pick me up 


Not because of your undeniably flawless appearance 

But because you help me see the world in a way I can't on my own 

Because your soul is good and pure 

And you've taught me to recognize the good and pure in everyone around me 


Not because you always ask me what I want 

But because I'd do anything you ask of me  

Because all you every ask for is the truth, my time, or my hand 


Not because of the long texts you send me when you know I'm asleep 

But because of the playlists you make when I'm awake 

Because you give me a piece of your world with every song 


Not just because you're sweet 

But because you are sincere, selfless, and innocent 

Because even if you weren't, I would love you just the same 


Not because you believe I am faultless 

But because you know the dark crevices of my being 

The 3 a.m. tears at how cruel life can be 

And you don't try to erase the bad with your words or get validation that your comforting is working 

You just sit with me while I cry 

And no one else seems to understand: to someone in grief, that is everything   


Not because you make me forget the bad in the world 

But because you empower me to believe I can change it 


Not because you love me 

But because I know if someone made you happier, 

I would ask you to choose them every time 


Because when you hold me at the end of the day, 

You always whisper, "Hey. I love you." 


This poem is about: 
My family
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