Mon, 05/02/2016 - 20:42 -- Catie

It’s easier to write than to

Untangle my thoughts

In my jumbled mind

And put air behind them.

My voice shakes with uncertainty,

Worried you won’t get what I mean

Or maybe I am really crazy.

It’s better to put my soul on paper

Than in the air

Cause I can always erase my words.

Words created with

A tortured tongue,

A bitter mind,

An angry breath,

And tired lungs cannot be taken back.

It’s simpler to let ink flow

When “Slow down,”

“What did you say,”

And “Speak up,” are all I hear.

It’s simple eloquence really.

My quiet, shaky voice is just not meant

To be used to say what’s on my mind.

This way I can be loud without

Having to speak a word.

And when they hear my writing,

“Be quiet,” they say,

But I just keep writing a little louder.


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