Beauty Within Us

A concept well misunderstood is that of Beauty.

You don't have to be a size 0 in jeans.

You don't have to wear make up or change your hair.

The way you dress or what you wear.

These are superficial objects.

These are not what defines us.

Beauty is the radiance of your presence.

It is the way you speak and think of others.

Beauty is compassion and your actions,

It is the support you give in times of despair.

Society is wrong, beauty is in everyone not just the people in magazines.

Let us open our eyes, let us be the change this world needs.

A change for the people that inhibit this world,

for the people that look in the mirror and feel nothing but disgust.

If anything needs to change is the concept of beauty,

because maybe then people will all love themselves enough to love others.

Maybe then, people will see the importance in real beauty not superficial objects.

We need to all open our eyes to what really matters,

Real Beauty Is Within Us.



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