The Beauty of Unconditional Love

Fri, 09/29/2017 - 13:46 -- Ruraza

What is a healthy relationship nowadays?

Is it solemnly based on materialistic possessions or will it go astray?

Every day I experience true love without conditions that will never decay.

He is much more than just "bae".

You see we both interact in a peculiar way.

Our communication begins when I pray.

Many do not know what a healthy relationship means.

He gave His life for me; therefore, I put His love on full HD display.

He is not concerned if I cannot repay.

He loves me even when I disobey.

He holds me when I fall and I trust that He will stay.

He construes my life even when I am in disarray.

He authentically designed me like an anime.

His love has been present before the antediluvian in May.

I extol His name no matter what they say.

There is no love greater than the one I proclaim today.

No man or woman will take His place because He is The Way.

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