The beauty of the scorned

The beauty of those oppressed by those with money.
You often wonder if they think you're funny.
If being poor and having to rely on the next paycheck is a reason to be scorned.
Do they often listen to those who can only afford.
The land of the free.
I hear all the time, but a land where you're ranked and held to a bunch of expectations.
Are you truly free.
Home of the brave.
A land where a woman has no choice but to be brave. where she's a lone without someone to help.
A land where the brave are mocked and defiled,
A land where the weak are idolized and cleaned of sin.
A land where racist are praised and homophobic is thought of as right.
Do you ever look in the mirror and are tormented by the ideas of beauty like the scorned black women.
Where your hair and scars are veiwed as ugly so you dress to be seen as beautiful.
Where your demons are out in the open.
Have you been in a point of end game like those who are beautiful so their scorned.
When you live in America, I'm sure you can see why it isn't so great.
A land where being yourself can be as bad a curse as loving your parents in a romantic way.

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My family
My community
My country
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