Beauty is Pain

They say that beauty is pain But they're wrong Beauty isn't pain, Beauty is a pain.    Because a man thinks I'm beautiful (****able?) He thinks it gives him Permission To call me pet names and pat my hand and arm and put HIS arm around MY waist and MY shoulders And NEVER ask me   To reach across my desk at work to touch me Or punch me (and joke about it) And say that I'm over reacting when I politley ask him to stop  "Because I just patted your damn hand, It wasn't inapropriate." Yes, YES IT WAS. You didn't ask!!!   YOU DID NOT ASK ME.    YOU  DO  NOT  KNOW ME.    YOU ARE  A STRANGER.   IT  IS  NOT  OKAY.   How would you feel if an old woman A creepy old woman came up to you And touched you Made inapropriate comments And leered at you?    I don't think you would like it very much   That is wrong!!  Don't touch people without asking!!! Please just don't...

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