Beauty is Only Skin Deep


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Beauty pageants have been around since the beginning of time.

They, of course, put beauty in the prime.

They bring out the best in people as well as the worst.

Competing in one is like being cursed.

Beauty pageants for children are more than just inhumane.

Parents whom enter their flesh-and-blood into this hell must be insane.

Nothing good happens to every competing girl and boy.

They may soar with flyng colors, but they are not filled with pure joy.

Contests that are based on beauty and talent only cause madness and sadness.

Doesn't anyone believe that being judged is scandolous.

Why are people convinced being called a gem is emyrean?

Beauty is not at all a criterion.


No need for the contestant to have a curtain call.

None of them can be considered the fairest one of all.

Win or lose, your heart is as lost and miserable as Alice.

Who labels people inferior and ugly are all filled with malice.

How can the judges criticized a person's merit and face?

What give them the right to give someone's outer shell first or last place?

A person's appearance is God's work of art.

He created us uniquely from the bottom of his bleeding heart.

Calling someone a worthless orge is like spitting at the Lord.

The damage that beauty pageants bring cannot be ignored.

Whether you win or lose, it'll cause you woe.

It raises or lowes your self-esteem de trop.


Beauty pageants especially for children must be banned, period.

Who cares if your child won awards in myriad?

The fact remains is that your corrupted your child's innocence.

Sexualizig a child's brilliance comes from a lack of brilliance.

They wear hairspray, makeup, high heels, and erotic clothes.

As long as the child wins, anything goes.

Spend every moment to be the best.

Look down on those who received less.

No matter the consequences, you must do everything to succeed.

How come beauty pageants for children continue to proceed?

This is not the life of a child to be obsessed with winning.

Every child deserves to enjoy a childhood.

Taking that away is never good.


Everyone who participates are turned into beasts.

They all forget that beauty is only skin deep.



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