Beauty, my thick body

Beauty despised beauty
Beauty, thick body
Beauty in disguise

Beauty people ignored
Try pairs of jeans
Look in the mirror
flaws are flaws
That are made to be beautiful

Beautiful insecure woman
Who sees the beauty in opposite size
and fail to see the one in her hazel eyes
Hanging on perfect girls as skinny
Loosing a flame everyday

Beautiful curvy girl
Would you just love yourself
Did someone make you insecure?
Did they tell you to be skinny but not too skinny?
oh! come on, who made such rules?

Don't let them tell you about
the fairytale of how your body
should be shaped.
don't hate your body for the world to like you

Care, passion, love
defines your true beauty
Don't wait until you're 20 lbs or
until you're a different age
to embrace moments
Don't give in or the real you will be dead.

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