Beauty in the Morning

Sun, 11/23/2014 - 22:00 -- Jerico

I wake up and see beauty in the morning

the sunrise and birds flying 
The color in the clouds: oh so beautiful 
But you'll never know
Your not by my side 
And won't let me call you mine 
Oh, why'd u get up and leave
Like strangers u won't say hi back to me
I love you: now an ancient saying 
This heartache leaving me in pain
I wake up and see beauty in the morning
Pure white clouds and a sky of blue
I look up and see pictures of you
Red roses and violets of blue
Flowers I once picked for you
You say "I love you"
But your eyes say something else
U greet me with a hug
But it all felt forced 
I wake up to see beauty in the morning
Sunrise and birds singing
But within me an empty feeling
All the beauty turns to dread
Cause without you it's all dead
Oh why'd you get up and leave? 
And left me for dead?
The beauty I once saw: gone
Wake up alone in my bed
Never to see you again


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