Beauty of Me

As I look into the mirror

I see an image...

and with this image presents the flaws, the blemishes,

the incoming and outgoing imperfections. And even the

uneven complexion.  Im staring at this image

and the image is looking back.

I looked and touched my face. Searched for things I could change

As I stared and examined it.  It too in return examined me


I dissected it with every inch.

Tried to reveal  its secrets

Tried to discover the treasures it was hiding.

Only to trip and stumble across its beauty.


There I saw smooth chocolaty mocha skin, soft

it resembled the skin of African royalty

I saw the curves and depths of the body

I saw the curvness of the hips

the size of the waist, the length in the arms and the size of the chest

I  admired the fullness of the lips , and when I smiled....

the imaged smiled back.  Showing a swallow dimple on the right

side, only to have mine appear on my left.


In every inch I dissected it.

Cautiously revealing its secrets

Uncovering the truth and the tresures behind it

Only to trip and stumble across its beauty

Only to stumble across the beauty of me.


No I am not mistaken

God made no mistake when he made me

He made me phenomenal





My haor consist of a natural tight curl and

I rock long braids to protect it

I will probably never be idolize fo my beauty

I will never get recognized for loving the natural me

Society will acknowledge the trends i have created

and make it its own and  not give credit to where credit should

be given .


Yes, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

but my beauty lies in the beholder who created me .

The one who made me with the smooth chocolaty mocha skin

The one who made me with fullness and applied the curves to my hips

So that when i walked... I walk with confidence

The one who made me with a small waist and an enlarged chest

Defined the shape of my lips so that with every kiss

it remained wanted

I am Awesome

Awesomely Abundant

Awesomely Abundantly Stunning


So as I reveal its entirety

uncover the treasures its been hiding

I stumbled across it its beauty

I saw the beauty of me.



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