The Beauty in Life

Beautiful things are everywhere,

From grasses of green, to birds in the air.

A beautiful sunset that paints the sky,

A moon just emerging, as daylight wears by.


In spring, all the flowers wave in the breeze

That moves through the air, that rustles the leaves.

A picturesque setting of beauty and grace,

Outlined with smiles that complete the blank space.


The cry of a newborn, who takes its first breath,

The bittersweet memories recalled after death.

Life hidden in music, athletics, or art,

Is what lifts our spirits, what tells us a part.


Through the  pain or the laughter, suspicion or trust,

Some things bring us down, and then lift us back up!

The dread for the future, the pains of the past,

Can't surpass tommorrow, or the hope there that lasts!


The beauty of colors, in nature or life,

Remind us of a future where there is no more night.

This promise brings courage to those who push on

Through hours of darkness, where hope then seemed gone.


Though some just see sorrow, or dreams burning down,

I see what's awesome in all that's around!

The beauty around us, both big and small,

Is found in the joy that hides in us all!



This poem is about: 
Our world


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