Beauty larger than a size zero

True Beauty

Cannot be found

Through points and rubrics.


I'm a size ten.

My thighs rub together

And my nail polish is forever chipped.


But ever since I was a little girl,

Dressing up in cheap heels

And Disney princess gowns,

My mother always said

I could be the next Miss America.


Why did I let that dream die?



According to the tabloids

Modeling Agencies

And media,

I'm too fat.


Plus size models,

All size sixes,

Being forced to lose weight 

to fit the "Average" female waist.


If a size zero is average,

Why is it so hard to find a size ten

When shopping at a store.

As all sizes above a four,

have been purchased.


We complain about judging others,

attempting to prevent young women

from starving themselves

To be what is considered "beautiful."


How is Miss America any different?

We fill girls with this idea

That beauty is based off of appearance.

That how you look in a bikini

Determines how well you could represent the country.


Do you see Michelle Obama walking around

Flashing her clevage on stage?


How much potential

Is lost due to the ideal of appearance?

The belief that waist size determines intelligence?


When will a size ten,

Who wants something more reachable

Than "World Peace"

Represent America.


When will little girls

Worry more about

Becoming president,

Than becoming Miss America?

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