Beauty Known, But Forgotten

As I stare into the mirror, I see a reflection, but the face that stares back at me is not my own, it’s the face of mankind looking straight through my soul. His eyes have seen many deaths, and witnessed many tragedies. His lips; dry form all the lies he has told and his tongue left with the taste of defeat. His ears are swollen from all the insults and broken promises he has heard. His nose, left with the odor of failure. This is the face of mankind; wrinkled and ugly. The mirror becomes engulfed in fog. A new face appears, Beauty she’s called. Beauty, she is fun, she is kind. Beauty, oh she has and incredible mind! The melody our hearts make when strung by the hands of our dreams, that’s beauty. What must I say to make you believe? Beauty is love, because this life was meant to be won. So who is Beauty? Beauty is life's greatest gift. Beauty is the human race. As I stare into the mirror, my thoughts are slowly being erased.

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Our world
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