Beauty in the eye is

Beauty in the eye is blind

knowing what is unknown lies inside

to think a forbidden thought is how you mend

the stolen nights when you were lead to sin

to change yourself

Beauty can change

Knowning is the one that reigns

Dont let standards become your law

if you follow, you'll surly fall

laws are meant to be broken

Beauty is decietful

Knowing this you'll listen instead

For your eyes are fooled by the illusion which bends

the truth that can change too 

to something else and not you

So listen without listening

Beauty is your heart of love

Knowing this, evil will do anything to get above

evil wants you to hate, lie, and steal

to think that youre not enough

and not real

Beauty is being what you were designed to be

Knowing is believing you are who you are

part of an intricate plan to change the stars from up above

Now that you know this, it is your responsibility to 


Decide what to believe in, dream in, and be

For I am just a mirror that you dont listen to, but see

You see your own pain and hatred towards yourself

And I am just trying to remind you that

You are enough

Enough is enough

Be what you are

Every mirror reflcts you

and not the ugly deceit 

For you told yourself what beauty was

Knowing that you followed wrong

Becuase when you were born

Your eyes were fresh

Your imagination true

Beauty is a made up thing

Knowing too.


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