Beauty is in the Creation

We stared at palms- the softer, crafting part of a hand,
"We are the same color."
"No," said the sister, "turn them over."
We stared at the back of hands that created nothing,
"...But isn't it weird that our palms are the same color?"

----Back-hand to the concept of inner-beauty.----

Martin Luther King Jr. preached love for equality;
he was black.
The Grand Wizard preaches love for inequality;
he is white.
See, the Grand Wizard does love something,
and where would that something be without his love?
Martin Luther King Jr. is dead;
what has he done for us lately?

Perhaps it's not the color; you could always wear a glove,
but rather it's the side of the hand you're speaking of.
Even evil sinners need a guiding flame,
at the core of human nature we are all the same.
Well-intentioned people bicker back and forth to find what's right;
and all I know is love the world, opinions are just sad advice.

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