Beauty With Brawn, The New Tribe

So goes the age old story

With those who are needy

With thoe who are greedy

And those who want all the glory


However, here comes a new one

One about a girl and her love

From the heavens above


What I’m getting at here hun,

Is that she loves the gym


That girl can’t go a day

Without working her heart away

But even with the ache and sore

It’s what allows her to soar


She loved to workout so much

That she forgot her touch

She forgot everything she desired

As that is when it all backfired


She lost track of life

And almost became a lowlife

Because her desire to exercise

Left her creating lies


She took into account

That she might have to dismount

From her love of the one thing

That had happiness to bring


So that girl you now know

She started to grow

One day at a time

She went into her prime


She realized her mistakes

Because they gave her the aches

So she told herself, “Dani

You can’t be too canny,

But go live and be happy

Because you’ll always be scrappy”


Now that girl is still happy and

She lives her life grand

However, she’ll never leave the gym

Out of her heart, as that would be too grim


If there’s one thing you’ve learned

Is that love can leave you sunburned

But you get back up and go on

Because you my friend, are beautiful with brawn


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