The Beauty in the Boring

Awesome - What a fitting title.

An allusive way to self define.

It alludes that things are only worthy of awe
When they happen some of the time.


It makes sense, after all,

Too much awe and it loses its pull

If everything is awesome then nothing is

And the world becomes awe-full


Everything can be awesome - but with it,

Everything else must be bland

Because it takes a mix of both together

To make the splendid grand.


A thrilling jump scare - for instance,

Doesn’t work without suspense,

It needs the calm before the storm,

To make one pee their pants.


A video game; a smartphone;

All technological wonders.

But they wouldn’t be possible,

Without algebra and numbers.


A newborn’s first cry is, to a parent,

The sweetest sound ever,

And yet it’s only made feasible

After a 9 month long endeavor.


To see the awe in all things, one must first

Understand the bond between the great and the plain.

Knowing the value will allow one to see

The majesty in the mundane.

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Our world
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