Beauty Behind The Mask

I grab a rag from the old wooden stand;

Society was staying my hand.

Begging and screaming to not take it off;

But as I stared at myself in the mirror;

I was not happy with myself.


I felt like a doll;

Made from society;

Thought to be so high and mighty.

Instead I am empty and fake;

Hoping that wealth is my fate.


I scrape off the layers;

That holds my acceptance;

To be loved and cherished;

Even if it was for a second.

This isn’t who I am;

Nor who I will ever be.

It was just a mask;

A mask placed on me.


I took off the mask that felt like it was glued to my face;

I start to get the chills as my heart starts to race.

Off came the foundation;

And the Mascara too;

Nothing left on my face;

Except my perspiration;

That was like the morning’s dew.


I stared at my reflection;

And I started to smile;

I don’t understand what was the rile.

I looked beautiful and fresh;

So I laughed and I threw away that old ugly mask.







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