Beauty the Beast Hunter

Belle is beauty,

a beautiful hunter.

Sharp or knife

and straight of arrow,

asks her father for an innocent rose.


A stormy night leads off the beaten path,

to a castle, abandoned by time.

Food, drink, and even shelter were given freely,

but a taken flower an act of thievery.


Night has passed,

morning turned into afternoon

with no sign of Beauty's father.

Knife in belt, bow in hand,

Belle rides to save her Papa.


In the tallest tower a cold wind blows,

sinking into an old man's bones.

Here Beauty's father lies,

held captive by a beast.

Horned like the devil and strong as ten men,

surely he has killed, and will kill again.


Freeing her father from his cell,

Belle prepares to make her kill.

Tooth and claw meet bow and arrow

in a deadly duel.

A knife's cold blade 

sinks into the Beast's heart.


Danger past and all weary,

Beauty and her father head home.

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