Beauty and the Beast

Sun, 08/20/2017 - 09:44 -- aheesha

Once opon a time there was a girl named belleshe was ugly, and short and her hair kind of smelledthe boys made fun and laughed as she walked her eyes kind of twitched when she giggled and talkedHer dress was long, and yellow and white Her hair was brown and shinned in the light she shined like the sun even though she was uglyshe would cry at night asking "why doesnt anyone love me"Some called her belle the beast because of her looksshe just ignored them and focused on reading her books she imagined that some day her dream guy will comebusting through the clouds right behind the sunriding on a chariot with a flower in his mouthwith no shirt on and his hair all outbut of course belle knew that was only a dreambecause no guy was as good as he actually seemedBut one day she met her dreamy prince charminghe said hi to her as he walked by which was very alarmingeventually they talked and went on a date she took to long to get ready and was 16 mins lateas they got closer something strange started to happenBelle started to change and the boys stopped laughing They stopped making fun because she looked beautifulhe didnt care though because he got used to herAll belle needed was love and compassion now shes wears makeup and even the latest fashion Now belle knows how love is suposed to beamost like the story beauty and the beast  


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