beauty is acceptance

Thu, 10/06/2016 - 11:47 -- semy_

Maybe I've been blessed with complexion
But what is complexion without beauty?
Elfin soul,brace oneself and set off on the wrong direction
But what would direction be without way and way without love and cruelty?
Bottle the anger up your weight and fast too fast for your legs dear dwarf
Narrow too narrow door ways for arms to swing through dear dwarf
But what is life if happiness dwindles
As skin wrinkles?
What then if my soul aches
Eyes' twinkle fades?
Any remedy to aid
Than the better love buried within the grounds of segregated relations?
What then if i fight for insanity
Sedate in ruins of my weaknesses?
Would life be better if things weren't this way?
Happy is acceptance


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