Beauty Above All


A girl once told me
that my most redeeming quality came from how gracious
my heart and intentions were,
and that no matter the circumstances,
others come first.
I look out and see the world
brighter and more beautiful
each coming day,
even if the news are full of 
violence and anger.
There's so much to learn 
from the leaves on the trees
and the minds of your mentors.
How did this world become full
of people who don't care?
My eyes search through pages of mysteries
to grasp an understanding
of why we're all here
in this extraordinary, 
wondrous place.
If you take a minute and look past
the problems, anger, frustrations of the world,
you'll see children laughing,
couples kissing,
people meeting, hugging, smiling.
The troubles may take us down and beat us.
Life may feel like an endless cycle of
questions and doubts.
but it is so much more
than anything a human mind could perceive.
My most redeeming quality, as I've found,
has come out of nothing but heartbreak and pain
and here I stand to say
I will rise above and become
something more.


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