It's high praise no matter who you are.

But to just another young fella

Who gets used to his mom calling him "handsome"

Probably because she's obligated to

"Beautiful" is something else

But what am I really after here?

Here's where it gets real:

I could be something to look at
But ya boy don't have real beauty to call his own, ya feel?

Because beauty ain't a product
Can't duplicate, replicate, or fabricate it
I grind but the grind won't get it
It's all I can do to contemplate it

Questions? Allow me to clarify

In God's image, he made me
And we all have that beauty
Obamacare, cousin, it's completely free

But I was still ugly on the inside:
Dark, cold, and sketchy
Full of evil wants and empty desires:
Eminem and his momma's spaghetti

Yet God still wanted me,
Sent his only Son to die for me

To the ends of the earth he pursued me,
From death to life, he took me

God did it all, fam

You could say that

He did it beautifully

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