a combination of qualities,          such as shape, color, or form, that  pleases the aesthetic senses, esp. the sight.

That definition is not the same as the one society has taught me



         Having perfect skin, perfect.     smile, perfect face, perfect eyes, perfect hair, flat stomach,

Oh. How could I forget?!

And making sure your thighs   

don't   touch.


Society has told me that girls need to look like the models

on commercials, posters, and magazine covers to be beautiful


Society hasn’t told a single girl that the models

Don’t even look like the models on commercials, posters, and magazine covers.

“Do you think I'm pretty?"

The girls ask for confirmation

of their beauty

like the confirmation number for the makeup they order online

Girls are brought up learning

self-confidence issues

Learning how not to take compliments

That they see in angles of a mirror

That sits In front of their dietary supplements

Listening to "Who's going to marry a woman that can't cook?"

From a woman who’s been through the hunger games

and knows damn well

What that arena’s like

and still

she’s daring innocent tributes

to play the game

to pick up a controller

and be controlled

Daring G.I Janes to be

Porcelain dolls

Stripped of armor, replaced with dresses

Dolls are not real girls

real girls are not dolls

Real girls have legs that bend at the knees

and heels that touch and walk cracked sidewalks

Real girls have arms that bend at the elbows

And hearts

that beat life into their bodies like bass drums

But Society tries to beat it’s so called “Beauty”

into bodies that can’t take anymore abuse

Girls are flowers

That are slowly being drained of their




Girls wilt after every outfit change

because the last one makes them look

Too fat

A girl must not be too fat

nor too skinny

but the perfect weight

Society is a


“No one’s perfect”

They say to girls while shoving images of “Perfection”

into these skulls

Society drops atom bombs on beautiful worlds

But hey, to reprogram a computer

it has to be wiped out

Society is the friend that stabs you in the back

and hugs you to push the knife in farther

Then asks “Why are you bleeding?”

“Are you okay?”

“Your blood is going to ruin the dress you wore for me.”

Girls wait and wait




to see themselves as beautiful

But how can they recognize

a face covered by a mask?

They are not themselves

They were never taught to be

They were never


to be human

Because humans have flaws

and are not perfect.

Perfection can't be achieved by humans. Not even Society

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